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St. Mary's Church

Hire Charges (as from 1/7/2015)

The Main Church:-

Whole day: £300
Morning: £110
Afternoon: £110
Evening: £120

The South Aisle and Kitchen:-

Per hour: £13

The Marchant Meeting Room:-

Per hour: £8

Additional Charge for Premises Licence:-

If alcohol will be sold during the course of an event the hirer will be required to pay an additional charge of £25.00.

Additional charge for the use of enhanced sound facilities:-

Price per seesion to be determined – please contact the Treasurer.

Additional charge for the use of stage lighting:-

Per session: £20.00

Additional charge for premises & equipment support & sundry items:-

Designated premises supervisor: £35 for up to 3 hours, and £12 per hour thereafter.

Designated sound desk operator: £35 for up to 3 hours, and £12 per hour thereafter.

Use of microphone, piano or harmonium: £10 per item.

Hirer's Deposit:-

Over-run and cleanliness deposit*: £50.

In the event of queries please contact the Treasurer using the link on this page.

*Payable by separate cheque at time of booking. This cheque will be refunded following the booking, provided that, in the opinion of the Church’s authorized representative, no damage has been caused, the booking period has not over-run, and the hired area has been left clean and tidy.

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