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Corona Virus Message from Andrew Brooke

Church services were suspended on 18th March 2020 but restarted on 5th July 2020.
By the time you read this you may have heard St Mary’s bells ringing for the first time in several months. If not then we hope you will hear them soon.

Unfortunately, bellringing is an indoor activity which can only be undertaken if the ringers stand fairly close together. Ringing as we know it can’t easily comply with current rules on social distancing etc. Although we can restart, the recommendations are that ringing in a tower such as Petworth should only take place once a week for a period of no more than fifteen minutes. Furthermore, in order that ringers remain at least two metres apart whilst ringing, the number of people ringing will have to be four at most unless expensive screens are installed.

For the time being there will be no Thursday evening ringing practice, and only a short period of ringing prior to service on Sunday. (If the bells are rung for a wedding, then that week we may not even be able to ring for Sunday service.) You are only likely to hear four bells, and the opportunities for change ringing on only four are limited, so it may seem a bit repetitive. This is not as we would wish it to be, but you may agree that it is better than no ringing at all.

In the past I have encouraged you all to come and watch us ring, and to consider learning to become a ringer. Regrettably at present, we cannot accommodate learners or visitors, but still hope that when things change, and we can, you will consider giving ringing a try.

Andrew Brooke

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